The first deposit bonus is often the most difficult to use. Most bettors, both new and experienced, do not know how to use it. This is normal, because many sites don’t tell them the rules, but only mention that they are there.

The purpose of this article is to tell you what you should keep in mind if a bookmaker offers you a first deposit bonus.

Requirements for wagering the welcome bonus

The general rule for bonuses of this kind is that they need to be wagered a certain number of times before you can withdraw from your account. Usually the bookmaker gives a certain percentage to the amount of your deposit, usually between 50% and 100%. This means that if you deposit 100 euros, you will get 150 euros to play with. To withdraw this money:

First of all, you need to check the bonus terms and conditions and find out what it says about wagering (scrolling) the funds; this can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. If there are no special conditions for your bonus, we recommend that you always place full odds on all selections.

For example: If the bookmaker gives you €150 to play with, and you bet €100 at 3/1 odds, the average odds are 6.5. This means you have to flip *(total)* 6.5 times before you can withdraw. Since you would have lost €50, this means that you would have to wager 7 times your deposit amount. This means that if your initial turnover was €100, then in order to withdraw anything from your account, your minimum bets will have to be at least €700.

Don’t assume that since you can withdraw after a few bets, this is the best way to use the welcome bonus. This system is mainly for beginners. Usually, an experienced player can bet at odds of 1/10th of the 100% bonus and withdraw their money immediately without too much effort.

Although it may seem complicated, the wagering requirement is usually not that difficult to meet. Bookmakers usually add a few extra free bets during some special periods that you can use when you rollover, which increases your chances of success and allows you to withdraw more money earlier than usual.

Another advantage of this bonus over others is that there are no handicaps. When a bookmaker creates a bonus with a handicap, it means that you cannot withdraw money until your turnover reaches the handicap value. Such bonuses are usually given on special occasions and do not have any wagering requirements.

Example: If you made a deposit of €100 and received €200 in freebies, then place a €100 bet at 3/1 odds and win. The bookmaker may credit you with €25 more to play the next day. This means that your turnover will be 125%, which is exactly 1 ‘bet’. This means that if your handicap was 25, you would have to bet 25 times your deposit amount before you could withdraw. If your handicap was 100, you would have to bet €2500 before you could withdraw.

These two examples show that the welcome bonus is ideal for new bettors as it can be used almost immediately and does not include any complicated wagering requirements. This makes it very easy for newcomers and allows them to have a bit of fun before making big bets, without the risk of losing too much money.

The worst-case scenario for using the first deposit bonus is that you will simply have more money to bet and nothing will change. This means that you can continue to bet as usual or just find a new bookmaker if this one doesn’t suit you.

Imagine you have made a deposit of €100 and received a bonus of €150 (on average). At first you try to bet as usual with €200, but you end up losing all your money. You now have €50 left in your account. Will you stop betting? Of course not! It’s your perfect time to grab your bonus and try to turn things around. You now have €100 in your account and €250 to bet. If you lose, you will be left with €150, which is the average amount of your initial deposit and bonus. This means that if you continue to bet until it runs out, nothing will change from what it was before you used the welcome bonus.

This means that you can use this bonus for as long as you like, always betting on all the odds and not thinking about it. If you lose all the money in your account, just take advantage of the fact that you have more money to bet and try again later. If you do win big, however, remember to withdraw your money.


In general, using the welcome bonus is very simple and straightforward. Before you sign up with a bookmaker, make sure you read all the specific terms and conditions, which are always listed on our website. That way you will have an idea of what you can expect from them before deciding whether they are right for you or not. Proven bookmaker for sports betting in Portugal –